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Discover the best of Bucerias, Puerto Vallarta and the surrounding communities.

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City Tours
City Tours
  • Human Connections Tour

    Experience the lives and homes of the locals when you have translated conversation with artisans, vendors and tradespeople. Great for all ages, this tour is a cultural experience you can feel great about!

  • Bici Bucerias Food Tour

    Pedal through the streets as you explore the local food scene. This fun, easy-paced 10 kilometer bicycle tour allows you to sample locally roasted coffee, artisan juices, pastries and more.

  • Best of Bucerias Tour

    Maximize your time by learning the ins and outs of Bucerias. Offering both a one hour informational session and a three hour personalized tour, you can select what is right for you.

Local Shopping
Local Shopping
  • Downtown Bucerias

    Explore the local culture as you browse the galleries and shops throughout Bucerias. The downtown shopping scene is an open market that closes at 4 PM daily.

  • On the Beach

    Dozens of shops line Bucerias’ beaches. With the majority of the shops being locally owned, you are guaranteed ample opportunities to find one of a kind items.

  • Forever Spring Market

    Immerse yourself in the local flavor every Wednesday from 9 AM to 1PM. With live music and a variety of vendors, this market is a must for locals and visitors alike.

  • Mega

    If you’re looking for a one-stop shop, the Mega is your place. Even though it does have imported goods, we encourage you to try the local brands. Need suggestions? Let us know!

  • Sandrina's

    Dine under the stars as you try one of Sandrina’s carefully crafted dishes. Attached to a gallery, you’re able to take in the local art scene as you have a one of a kind dining experience.

  • Mark's Bar & Grill

    With an innovative menu that often reflects the season, Mark’s Bar & Grill delivers a unique culinary experience known for its freshness, simplicity and depth of flavor.

Beach Bars
Beach Bars
  • Breakers Beach Club Restaurant and Bar

    Sit on the patio, take in the spectacular view, grab a bite to eat and enjoy a margarita as you relax the day away at this beach bar.

  • Miguel Angel's Restaurant & Bar

    Incredible food, cold drinks and great prices make this Mexican sports bar the ideal location for those wanting to grab a bite, listen to some music and relax.

  • Aquaventuras Park

    With ten water slides, a lazy river, water toboggans, zip lines and the opportunity to swim with dolphins, everyone can find something to do at Puerto Vallarta’s only water park.

  • Vallarta Zoo

    A perfect day trip for the entire family! Along with seeing a variety of species, the Vallarta Zoo allows you the opportunity to pet and hold many different animals.

  • El Eden Canopy Adventure

    With 2,500 acres of jungle and over 2 miles of zip lines that let you glide over the movie set of Predator, the El Eden Canopy Adventure frequently is a Puerto Vallarta favorite.

  • Vallarta Adventures

    Experience some of Puerto Vallarta’s best zip lines. With amazing tour guides and breathtaking views of the Sierra Madre mountain range, you’ll live a day full of adrenaline with Vallarta Adventures.

  • Shall Ananda Yoga

    Exuding Mexican charm and warmth, Shala Ananda offers a variety of classes, which include hot yoga, gentle stretch, yoga beat, rock & roll yoga and baby boomer yoga.

  • Bahia Fitness Gym

    With three floors of integrated weights, free weights and cardio classes, this spacious fitness center will help you reach your goals.

  • Elements Day Spa

    Pamper yourself for the day. With a clean environment and professional staff, this small spa provides a big spa feel by allowing you to personalize a package catered to your different needs for the ultimate experience.

  • Spa Harmony Face & Body Center

    Leave behind your daily stress and indulge yourself. With a steam bath, body exfoliation & a face and body mud rub, their custom Temazcal Ritual is sure to cleanse your mind, body and spirit.